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  • Sail between the Islands!

Three Masted Schooner

. . . . . . Leiko ka anaka!

Charter Details

Food We Serve:

  • Big Island coffee
  • All meals catered by Professional Chef
  • On shore cookouts
  • Complimentary soft drinks & juice
  • Snacks & Crack Seed
Full day per 24 hours
Additional Adventures
Professional Photographer 6 hours
Drone Photography add to above
Guided Spearfishing 4 spears max
GoPro HERO 7 Black Camera Rental
Massage per guest
Personal Chef, half day charter only per plate

Whales! Did I forget whales? Of course we will also be sailing through the most dense concentration of Humpback whales in the central Pacific. We can guarantee seeing whales on this trip. Since this is a working trip and the tide waits for no man we may have to change the course at any given moment to make better time. It also means we may even need to motor sail for a portion of our voyage so we make it Kaneohe on time.

Let go the anchor!

Sailing this schooner isn’t like any other charter in the islands. This three masted vessel is a true sailing school. You’ll get the chance to become one of the crew, you’ll haul lines to set sail, take your watch at the helm and stand on deck to take celestial sights with a traditional sextant. All of this on a wonderful, safe, steel hulled boat surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery that few have seen.

Now’s your chance  to get all your friends and family out into the Pacific waters. If the wind is favorable we can take you pretty much anywhere you’d like to go in the great state of Hawai’i. Remote stretches of the islands, inaccessible to almost everyone, are a short sail away for us. We can incorporate any of our wonderful side adventures into your trip too. Like a spearfishing guide one day and a shore picnic with a professional photographer the next. Maybe some of the party would like to snorkel in a secluded bay while others would enjoy a massage on the sunny deck. Fishing is always on the agenda and we always cook what we catch, be that Ahi, Ono or Mahihmahi.

This 96′ steel hulled Schooner is an actual sailing school. We only have bunks, no staterooms, everyone pitches in where needed. All on board get the chance really feel what it’s like to raise a sail and trim it for that perfect cruise. Taking the helm is an active endeavor, no auto pilot here. You get to see firsthand what it takes to maneuver a vessel this size and when you get the boat just right and back her down to drop the anchor at the end of the day you, and everyone else on deck, will have an earned sense of satisfaction.

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