Black Watch 34Black Watch 34 fly bridge sport fisher runs light to medium Shimano tackle off of the Kohala Coast and fishing is generally very good year round, providing great action and good eating! Trolling with Hawaiian style lures close the shoreline allows for great fishing right outside the harbor. Fishing around this side of the island focuses mainly on Mahaimahi, Ono and Ahi, great for action in the chair as well as a delicious meal. Aku, Kawakawa and small billfish can sometimes be caught right along side, depending on the season.

FishingHawai'i Fishing is a great combination of local craft and traditional trolling. The historic trolling method with six or more lines out at once is combined with the classic Hawaiian lure. Fishermen will drag the individual lines behind a moderately moving boat in hopes that the lively lures will bring in the passing fish. Some lures will be deeper in the water column while other are meant to skip along the surface. Tradition , experience and luck all play their part in landing your delicious catch.

Side quests can sometimes be as interesting as the main story. In the this vein, you may like to take a quick break and head to a secluded cove for some snorkeling or swimming. All equipment is included with your charter and depending on the season dolphins, whales and turtles can all be seen in one charter. Experience the luxury of having your own private fishing yacht and a helpful crew to handle the details. Fishing charters can take as many as 6 passengers and include professional captain, crew, fuel, State and local taxes, harbor fees, snorkel equipment, meals, drinks and gratuities. It's the best possible way to explore the coast of sunny Hawai'i. And Hawai'i & Sons Yacht Charters is the best possible place to get started.