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Na mamo pihaa i kai o Kau

The driftwood descendants at the sea of Ka'u

Spear Fishing

The waters off the Kohala coast are more than generous to the avid spear fisherman. Many spearfishing sites here have fabulous diving conditions all year round and waters teeming with gamefish action. Warm currents sweep into this area of ocean from the west to meet a rich array of marine life. Spearfishing in this area is much less common than angling, so productivity is plenteous.

These coral reefs and near coastal waters are home to an incredible variety of marine species, attracting predators like the mighty Ono (Wahoo), Ulua (Giant Trevally), Spanish Mackerel, but also in deeper water the great Marlin and Sailfish, which patrol the fishing bouys terrorizing pelagic bait fish. You will hunt between where the deep Bluewater and the reef meet, where you can find both large pelagics and other reef game fish.

Our expert guide will help, advise and point out the most effective techniques. The guide will make sure you will always be on the right spot, coordinating the correct position of the group in the water according to the current and other environmental factors.. When necessary, the guide will work the flasher and take care of the proper distribution of the chum. They will also take pictures and videos of your catches, so that you will go home with the memories of your adventure. We do need to limit the Spearfishers to 4 people, can’t have too many pointy things flying around.

Spearfisherman Rising

Private Chef

So let the chef from Hualalai spoil you with iconic Balinese cuisine such as sate litit, minced beef or chicken marinated in coconut milk, charcoal-grilled alongside fresh vegetables, and served in a grilled bamboo or lemongrass wrap. If it’s the best thing you’ve ever tasted, be sure to tell your chef. He’ll be more than happy to arrange a private cooking class for you and your travel companions!

After a day of sunshine and relaxation on the boat, your private chef will be happy to grill up a delicious Jimbaran-style seafood feast complete with his own take on Bali’s widely known sambal—a mixture of barbeque sauce and other delicious condiments. Super-hot or savory, it’s your call!

Some sail trips demand their own personal chef, ready to prepare his legendary local and Japanese dishes at your beck and call. Looking for western fare? Say no more, it’s yours without question here at Hawai’i & Sons.

Private Chef trips are customarily set later in the day to capture an early dinner time.

Professional Photographer - Now with Drone Option!

Take home some extra special souvenirs of your time in Hawai’i! Sign up for a fun photo session against some of the islands’s best backdrops with your own friendly and professional local photographer.

  • Enjoy a tailored photo session with an award-winning photographer
  • Create unique memories that will last a lifetime
  • Take home stunning images of your time in Hawai’i

Experience Hawai’i like never before and hire a professional photographer for an exclusive photo session against some of the island’s best backdrops! Your friendly personal photographer will take stunning photos of you as you discover Hawai’i’s local charms. Our unobtrusive and natural documentary style of photography is perfect for capturing special occasions and the everyday moments of your charter. You can also add the Drone photography option! Yeah, it might not be to unobtrusive but you can get some really awesome shots.

After the tour you’ll be given access to a private online gallery where you can view and share your photos. You’ll also receive a portfolio of 50 high quality, poster-size photos to keep.

Personal massage


Experience soothing massage and relaxing spa services here in Hawai’i. Let our experienced and skilled therapists massage your stress away and take you into a state of relaxation. Savour the experience of a calming body massage while the rest of your party is off snorkeling, everybody gets what they want.

We offer many facial and body treatments, as well as different types of massage and pedicure. Our massages are customized for guests and seasons, everything you would associate with traditional spa treatments.