We take our direction from the whispering sea.

Hawaiian Time

Sailing Here at Hawai'i & Sons we encourage you to let your hair down, kick your feet up and prepare yourself to experience the fun and relaxing side of Hawai'i. Your private charter boat will take you and your guests out on the azure sea to locales almost inaccessible from the shore. We like to glide along and drop a fishing line or two over the side to troll for dinner on the way to an exceptional snorkel spot. If we become distracted by Spinner dolphins or maybe a whale, we might alter the itinerary a little. In Hawai'i it is essential to let the island dictate the agenda. Surrender to Hawaiian time.

Local Knowledge

The most important asset of every boat is the crew. The Captain and crew have every intention of making your exclusive voyage the high point of your time in Hawai'i. Take advantage of their insights and experience, ask about that scar that runs down the back of their leg. Mariners have a different relationship to time and sea and wind, it's a primordial connection. That morning puffy cloud on the brow of Mauna Kea might mean that it's better to sail south today so that you can capture the flat waters outside Keahou. Your Captain and crew have most likely spent the better parts of their lives on the sea and while they might not say very much, what they do say is often apropos for the moment. They know some really baudy stories too!


Blue and glowing days

Everyone has their idyllic expectation of the perfect vacation, some like to suck the marrow while others may find that everything is absorbed through weather and the sea. Every trip includes Ka'u coffee, continental breakfast or afternoon cake and most, if not all, menu items are from local merchants. Auntie does know best. The full day charters include full lunch and soft drinks. We like to offer a variety of ocean activities for your pleasure as well. Fishing rods and tackle will always be available. Complimentary snorkel equipment, sea hammocks, and boogie boards are standard on every private charter. GoPro rentals can be provided, and for those extra special occasions we offer a wonderful collection of special experiences.


Experience the luxury of having your own private yacht and a helpful crew to handle the details.


Passengers can choose from a selection of three modern boats, accommodating anywhere from two to fourteen people.


We are the best possible way to explore the coast of sunny Hawai'i.